It’s in the lab!

On July 6th I posted about submitting my DNA sample to Ancestry. Yesterday I received an email to let me know that my sample is now in the lab for processing! The website that I mentioned, DNA Processing Time, has been unreachable for several days now. Before that, however, I did manage to capture 19 recent submissions that showed the date processing began and the date it was completed.

Those submissions showed an average of 13 days from beginning to completion with an average deviation of just under 2 days. The shortest time was 10 days, and the longest was 17 days. If those numbers hold true I should receive my results somewhere between July 23rd and July 30th with the most likely range between July 24th and July 28th. (I’m such a spreadsheet nerd.)

Here is what I know, or think I know:

My Fraternal Grandfather’s line traces back to Ireland. One family story indicates that my great-great-grandfather graduated from the University of Dublin as Boilermaker, immigrated to Boston in the early 1800’s, and moved to Philadelphia sometime after 1880.

My Fraternal Grandmother’s parents go back to County Tyrone, Ireland (her father) and Germany (her mother). My German ancestors were glassblowers, and founded the town I grew up in.

My Maternal Grandfather’s line goes back to Poland on both sides. My Maternal Grandmother’s linage is a bit more uncertain. One distant relative’s research indicates that the family were French Huguenots, that is French Protestants, that may have been from the France/Italy border area. I wonder what my DNA will say about that.

So, based on my eight great grandparents, my DNA should show about 3/8 Irish, 2/8 Polish, 1/8 German, and 2/8 I’m just not sure about (yet). Time will tell, the countdown is on.

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